Ballet Dancer

Becoming a ballet dancer is not easy. Definition, immortal spirit, hard work, pain and unlimited practice, mixed with deep love for the dance, are included in the real magic ballerina whose movement and step personify grace and beauty.

Ballet dances include pleasure mixed with danger. With injuries and other physical dangers in abundance, ballet is dangerous when it is not taught or properly trained. Studies show that almost every company or school has its own specialists to treat injuries. The pressure to maintain the “body of Balanchine”, such as small, thin and prolonged chronic, causes many students to suffer from eating problems.

Becoming a professional ballerina requires traits that most young people have not developed. Definition, perseverance and sacrifice are required. If
a child learns about this at an early age, they will be better prepared to cope
with the ups and downs in the dance career.

Definition, perseverance and sacrifice are crucial, since training to become a professional ballet dancer takes many years. Most of the dancers began to train very young. Usually considered to be children aged 4 to 5 years of ballet.

Adhering to the study and physical requirements for the ballet, we will experience the commitment of the child. Instead of spending time in sports or other recreational activities, training and practice will be a priority. A
child who is willing to adhere to this is probably very serious about his

As a certain child progresses in their education, they often have to leave home. Most professional dancers graduated from high school during training and work in a pre-professional ballet school. These ballet schools are most often a partnership with major ballet companies around the world.

Each year, these pre-professional schools should reassess their students for talent, body size, style and progress. If the student does not meet the standards, they will be replaced by another student. This is reminiscent of the harsh reality of failure. Dancers experience a lot of rejection, and they must be able to cope with this emotionally.

Even when a student successfully completes a professional ballet school, the battle has just begun. Now they must compete for a limited number of performing positions available for ballet dancers.

Often, trying to get their first opportunity to dance professionally, they will
compete with hundreds of other dancers. Only with constant determination, effort, perseverance and preparation will they achieve the ambitions of their lives.

Becoming a professional dancer can be a very useful career, but achieving a dream takes power both in children and their parents.

Ballet dancers usually begin at a young age, around 9 years old, and become trained dancers in adolescence. After the end of the famous academic and dance programs, they usually hold auditions for dance companies. The release of a good university program helps young dancers get into dance companies.

Some schools, such as Winnipeg’s Royal Ballet in Canada and the School of American Ballet in New York, among other things, provide excellent preparation for ballet dances. Students usually start with a few hours of classes, and then continue for more hours.

Students and newcomers get the opportunity to compete in contests, music shows, etc.

Studies show that ballet dancers usually do not have a high salary, but with improvement, practice and experience they usually become more and more complicated in performances. Slowly and gradually, their earnings increase.

Awareness of the short career in ballet dances will not weaken the spirits of those who dream of becoming a dancer. Ballet dancers conduct vigorous training and practice and overcome all obstacles on their way to finally become an elegant dancer who stunned the audience with
beauty, grace and talent.




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