Ballet Dancer

Becoming a ballet dancer is not easy. Definition, immortal spirit, hard work, pain and unlimited practice, mixed with deep love for the dance, are included in the real magic ballerina whose movement and step personify grace and beauty.

Ballet dances include pleasure mixed with danger. With injuries and other physical dangers in abundance, ballet is dangerous when it is not taught or properly trained. Studies show that almost every company or school has its own specialists to treat injuries. The pressure to maintain the “body of Balanchine”, such as small, thin and prolonged chronic, causes many students to suffer from eating problems.

Becoming a professional ballerina requires traits that most young people have not developed. Definition, perseverance and sacrifice are required. If
a child learns about this at an early age, they will be better prepared to cope
with the ups and downs in the dance career.

Definition, perseverance and sacrifice are crucial, since training to become a professional ballet dancer takes many years. Most of the dancers began to train very young. Usually considered to be children aged 4 to 5 years of ballet.

Adhering to the study and physical requirements for the ballet, we will experience the commitment of the child. Instead of spending time in sports or other recreational activities, training and practice will be a priority. A
child who is willing to adhere to this is probably very serious about his

As a certain child progresses in their education, they often have to leave home. Most professional dancers graduated from high school during training and work in a pre-professional ballet school. These ballet schools are most often a partnership with major ballet companies around the world.

Each year, these pre-professional schools should reassess their students for talent, body size, style and progress. If the student does not meet the standards, they will be replaced by another student. This is reminiscent of the harsh reality of failure. Dancers experience a lot of rejection, and they must be able to cope with this emotionally.

Even when a student successfully completes a professional ballet school, the battle has just begun. Now they must compete for a limited number of performing positions available for ballet dancers.

Often, trying to get their first opportunity to dance professionally, they will
compete with hundreds of other dancers. Only with constant determination, effort, perseverance and preparation will they achieve the ambitions of their lives.

Becoming a professional dancer can be a very useful career, but achieving a dream takes power both in children and their parents.

Ballet dancers usually begin at a young age, around 9 years old, and become trained dancers in adolescence. After the end of the famous academic and dance programs, they usually hold auditions for dance companies. The release of a good university program helps young dancers get into dance companies.

Some schools, such as Winnipeg’s Royal Ballet in Canada and the School of American Ballet in New York, among other things, provide excellent preparation for ballet dances. Students usually start with a few hours of classes, and then continue for more hours.

Students and newcomers get the opportunity to compete in contests, music shows, etc.

Studies show that ballet dancers usually do not have a high salary, but with improvement, practice and experience they usually become more and more complicated in performances. Slowly and gradually, their earnings increase.

Awareness of the short career in ballet dances will not weaken the spirits of those who dream of becoming a dancer. Ballet dancers conduct vigorous training and practice and overcome all obstacles on their way to finally become an elegant dancer who stunned the audience with
beauty, grace and talent.




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Police Officer

Life and additionally property of nationals in any sort of society and group must be ensured. Individuals from the rustic, rural, and also metros, need to depend enormously on the sheriff’s watch officers and also the police officers. While a portion of the officers of the sheriff’s watch works for the regional government, whatever is left of the police drive work for the city government.

A portion of the police officers likewise works for the inborn government, while others work for the state-funded colleges, the school regions, school police powers, transportation frameworks, or the organizations that serve various offices. Duties of a police officer are shifted and numerous.

One of their fundamental employment of the police officer is to seek after and catch hoodlums and also suspects. They need to coordinate movement and now and again give emergency treatment at mishap scenes is essential. Movement laws must be upheld and they need to watch different wards and research suspicious exercises assuming any.

Gathering proof and examining violations is a standout amongst the most widely recognized parts of a police officer. He needs to react to different calls of administration at any piece of the day if required. Police officers can be enabled with the privilege to issue notices and references as relevant to a circumstance. Keeping up records and recording linguistically revise reports is another prime prerequisite for a police officer.

Ordinarily, there are issues among various groups which are settled with the mediation of the police compel in the police division. Subjects in the area can construct relations among each other and the overall population is assembled by the police officers to battle against wrongdoing in the general public.

These days the web has filled in as a critical wellspring of giving data. In the event that you wish to join the police compel, it is obligatory for all police staff to work in regions, for example, the guideline of guns, tiny and concoction examination, unique mark and penmanship distinguishing proof and also guns direction.

Those officers who work in uncommon units need to spend significant time in the bike and also cruiser riding, horse riding. Crisis reaction groups, the (SWAT) Special Weapons and Tactics division, harbor watching, canine corps are a portion of alternate territories where police officers need to give their specific administrations.

For this intrigued hopefuls can take the assistance of the courses accessible on the web. For different employments in the police drive, a man needs to finish some fundamental post optional training. A few competitors who have finished their graduation and done the degree course in schools and colleges can join diverse offices in the police drive, similar to an organization, criminal equity, police science and law implementation.

Sufficient preparing must be given to the newcomers for no less than three to four months at the nearby, provincial or state police foundations before they are appointed their first errands at work. To design understudies for getting ready for the police foundation placement tests, school level coursework is of extraordinary help desiring police officers.

The courses lay accentuation on the major criminal equity framework methodology, wrongdoing hypothesis, examination, and control, court techniques, policing, discipline and redresses, exploring and recording reports for law authorization, managing adolescent guilty parties and white caught crooks, group building and considerably more.


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How to be a firefighter

If you are considering submitting to the competitions for firefighters, then we will indicate the essential requirements that you must meet. It is important to bear in mind that firefighting competitions have an autonomous character, which is why here you will find the general requirements, but in any case we recommend that you look for your specific call on this page, since through it you will have access to the bases of the call where you can outline the requirements to be a firefighter that will require you in your particular case.

Main requirements to be a firefighter

These are the main requirements to be firefighters, which are common in all calls. However, through the search engine you will be able to know more exhaustive information in relation to the concrete tests, at the same time that you will also have access to the bases of the call where you can find all the updated information.

Meet the minimum qualification level to be a firefighter

One of the requirements to be a firefighter is to meet minimum requirements in terms of qualifications. These conditions will vary depending on the group and subgroup that we present, being as a general rule the following:

Group A :

A1: be in possession of a University Degree.

A2: to be in possession of a University Degree.

Group B: to be in possession of a degree of Superior Technician (Higher
Degree Training Cycle).

Group C :

C1: to be in possession of the Bachelor or Technician degree
(Middle Grade Training Cycle).

C2: to be in possession of the School Graduate, First
Degree FP or graduate degree in ESO.

In any case, it will be necessary to prove the possession of the title by
attaching it to the request instance to be a firefighter.

In case the degree has been obtained abroad, it will be necessary to include a
document that certifies the homologation with the requirements in Spain. And
if the documentation is in a language other than Spanish, a sworn translation
must also be attached.

Driving licenses to be a firefighter

To be able to apply to the opposition for a firefighter, it will be necessary to
have a driving license B and a BTP permit, which are respectively the car license that you will all have and permission to drive vehicles for public transport and priority vehicles.

In the event that we opt for the opposition for a firefighter driver we will also
have to include the driver’s license C, which is none other than the permit to drive trucks. In some cases the C + E (trailer) and D (bus) permits may be requested, although this is rare.

Nationality to be a firefighter

It will also be mandatory to have Spanish nationality or be a national of another Member State of the European Union or spouse of them, whatever their nationality, provided they are not separated by law. It is also possible to be a descendant (whatever their nationality) of Spanish or a national of another Member State of the European Union or of their spouses, provided they are not separated from the law, they are under 21 or older than that dependent age. Likewise, the persons included in the scope of application of the International Treaties celebrated by the European Union and ratified by Spain in which the free movement of workers is applicable.

Minimum and maximum age to be a firefighter

The minimum age to apply for firefighting competitions will be 18 years, or 21
years in the event that we present ourselves to the competitions for a
firefighter driver.

As for the maximum age in principle, it will be the retirement age. However,
in certain calls it is possible that a limit is established depending on the
work to be chosen

Minimum and maximum height to be a firefighter

There is no minimum or maximum height except in special cases where the position to which it is opposed requires a limit in any of the senses.

Other requirements to be a firefighter

In addition to meeting the requirements to be a former firefighter, it will also
be necessary for us to have the physical and psychological capacities that allow us to carry out and perform adequately in the tasks entrusted to us.

And of course it is also necessary that the opponent has not been separated by disciplinary file of the service of any of the Public Administrations or the
constitutional or statutory bodies of the Autonomous Communities, nor be in
absolute or special disqualification for jobs or public positions by resolution
judicial, for access to the body or scale of the official or to perform
functions similar to those performed in the case of the workforce in which he
or she was separated or disqualified. In the case of being a national of
another State, not be disqualified or in an equivalent situation or have been
subjected to disciplinary or equivalent sanctions that prevent, in your State,
in the same terms, access to public employment.

Overcoming physical and theoretical tests

Once we comply with all the above we face a series of tests both physical and
theoretical, including personality tests and medical examination and other alternative tests that only will be required in special circumstances such as proof of trade and driving test .

Everything you need to know about physical evidence you will find in the section where we talk about the different tests that we can find in most calls. In order to receive all the information you will only have to access the category of physical evidence .

For more information and to know everything related to the theoretical tests
(including the syllabuses) we recommend that you take a look at the opposition section where you can find information oriented to the specific call
you are looking for.


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