How to be a lawyer

Course of studies, practicum and state exam; these are
the three basic steps to become a lawyer.

The lawyer is one of the professions that arouse the greatest charm among young people, and that is why Jurisprudence is the third faculty by number of
members. Why do young people want to become lawyers? Probably many of
them are driven by the gain of a lawyer , while for others it is a
real vocation.

Before analyzing in detail the steps to be followed to become a lawyer, let’s see what this profession consists of. What is a lawyer? This is a freelancer
who carries out both judicial activities, through defense and
representation in court, and out-of-court. For example, a
lawyer can take care of the periodic consultations, the drafting of opinions
and the drafting of complex contracts.

How to become a lawyer? Below you will find information on how to become a lawyer. The steps to follow to become lawyers are as follows:

  • Graduation;
  • Practical training;
  • State examination.

Let’s analyze the various points in detail.

How to become a lawyer? Degree course

You can become a lawyer regardless of the type of diploma obtained. In fact, unlike what is still said today, it is not true that those who have studied the humanities have a greater chance of becoming lawyers

The important thing is to have a diploma that allows enrollment in a degree course in Law. Over the years, more and more universities have adopted the course of study of the new system, divided into three years for the three-year basic degree and two for the specialist, while the five-year courses are decreasing.

It must be stressed; however, that the three-year degree in Law (or Juridical
Sciences) is not enough to become lawyers, but the specialist
is compulsory. The degree mark, however, is irrelevant for the
continuation of the path towards the qualification to practice forensic.

What will change with the reform? With the approval of the forensic reform a new course of study  will be established divided into 4 years of training and in a fifth year dedicated to specialization. The last year will therefore be aimed at
enrolling in the professional registers of lawyers and notaries and for this
the student will have the opportunity to perform 6 of 18 months of practicum.

How to become a lawyer? The internship

After graduation you will have to play an internship, lasting 18 months, in
the office of a lawyer enrolled at least 5 years. There are rules to
follow during the training to become lawyers, without distinction for those who aspire to become a civil lawyer or criminal lawyer. Here are the

  • participate in at least 20 hearings per semester, for a total of 60 hearings;
  • the presence at the hearing must be indicated in the minutes which will then be verified by the judge;
  • the frequency of the study cannot be less than 15 hours per week;
  • obligation to take part in professional training courses;
  • during the traineeship the trainee is not entitled to a salary, but he is due an expense reimbursement;
  • it is possible to do an internship with two different lawyers, but only with the consent of the Council of the competent Order and only if one of the two lawyers does not guarantee a sufficiently formative practice;
  • The training as a lawyer can also be done in a court, but for a maximum of 12 months. In the remaining 6 months the apprenticeship must be carried out at a lawyer’s office.

After the first year of apprenticeship you will be able to obtain the authorization to thepatronage, so you can begin to defend the client both in cases of jurisdiction of the Justice of Peace, both before the tribunal in monocratic composition, but only in civil cases that respect the following parameters:

  • causes worth no more than fifty million lire
  • causes for possessory actions and for complaints of new work and of feared damage;
  • Lawsuits relating to lease and loan relationships of urban buildings and to those of company leases (except those for which the specialized agricultural sections are concerned).

How to become a lawyer? State examination

At the end of the traineeship you will have to pass the professional qualification exam. An examination that, it should be emphasized is very difficult to overcome because every year the percentage of the failures exceeds 50%.

Those who do not pass the Lawyer’s Exam must repeat it the following year. There is no maximum number of attempts, or an age limit for becoming a lawyer. How is the lawyer exam structured? It consists of three written tests and one oral exam.

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In the written tests, usually held in December, the candidate will take care of:

  • an opinion on civil law;
  • an opinion on criminal law;
  • Drafting of a procedural

After passing the written test (the correction lasts about eight months), the aspiring lawyer will have to support an oral exam answering questions about various disciplines. It will be the candidate to decide the 5 subjects to bring to
the oral, choosing between.

As we have seen, in the second phase the candidate has to choose 5 subjects to deal with. The choice must be made between the following categories of

  • constitutional;
  • civil;
  • commercial;
  • of work;
  • criminal;
  • administrative;
  • tax;
  • civil procedure;
  • criminal procedure;
  • private international;
  • ecclesiastical;
  • Community.

With the reform , however, the oral questions will  be selected from a central and unique database for the whole territory, so as to minimize the discretion of the exam commission.

How to become a lawyer? Oath, registration and VAT number

After passing the lawyer’s exam there is a further step to follow, but only by celebratory value: the oath. This must be done at the court and then you can
register with the lawyers’ council of your district.

Finally, for the lawyer there is an obligation to register with the Pension Fund of Lawyers and consequently the payment of the relative contributions. In
order to be registered, then, there is the obligation to open the VAT number,
as required by the recent reform.


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How to become a doctor

So you like children and pharmaceutical in actuality you discover proliferation totally entrancing after all it is the greatest marvel of life to have another life destined to you. Consider it, it is totally surprising to surmise that we are just alive because of that procedure. After a great deal of considering, you conclude that you need to wind up plainly a fruitfulness specialist. In the event that your emotions mirror these things then you are in any event destined for success, however, there are a ton of different things that should be thought about before entering any therapeutic school and we will walk you through a portion of the fundamental focuses here.

There is a number of characteristics that one requires to end up noticeably a specialist. Some of these qualities are taught, consistent, mindful nature, fastidiousness and being a cooperative person. Among these, disciplines are the essential nature of the specialist. The vast majority of the understudies begin with the various level of qualities however without the nature of teaching, you can’t turn into a specialist regardless of whether you are a virtuoso. Be that as it may, the understudies of therapeutic learn without anyone else’s input about alternate characteristics of turning into a specialist amid the Medical School.

If you seek to be a specialist then the most important question that comes in the psyche is how to wind up plainly a specialist? Therapeutic is one of the hardest and focused exams, which is extremely hard to clear however in the event that you have the enthusiasm to accomplish your objective and prepared to buckle down at that point nothing is inconceivable. You need a magnificent instructive foundation as it is an aggressive exam where it has been watched that understudies are battling hard to clear the exam. Actually, few are abandoned due to the absence of point five percent. Still, the wait isn’t over in understudies as consistently a number of understudies fill different application frames just to accomplish their plan to be a specialist.

Medicinal School includes a considerable measure of science perusing and the most imperative factor to decide is the review execution at the school of scientific foundation, which incorporates science, material science, and science. Many understudies try to end up noticeably a specialist, however, medicinal universities are exceptionally picky in choosing the correct possibility for the correct position, and in this manner, they contribute their assets to prepare. In the event that you have a fantasy to be a specialist then one must need to buckle down, beginning from the early age and your objective will be to pick science as a noteworthy subject, particularly science, which expands your opportunity to make a place in medicinal school.

Not every restorative school may have similar criteria for affirmation. If you look into then you become more acquainted with that some will contemplate the learning in the related fields, for example, science significant, nursing or physiotherapy and though some will acknowledge a science foundation at secondary school.If you have wanted to be the piece of the specific therapeutic school then one should accumulate all the data, which is required for the passage level.


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How to become a pilot

I have always thought that being a pilot would be so cool! Something about it would be so freeing and exciting.  Being a pilot is definitely one of the more achievable dreams that we will talk about – all you have to do is take lessons! Check out this video with some more info on how to become a pilot!